Sustainable Architecture is achieved through the analysis of complex systems already present in nature.  Environmental conditions such as acoustics, wind, solar patterns and flows of people are the input for natural algorithms that initiate mathematical processes that produce complex organic shapes.  This is the same process that Studio Kami uses, through computer programs, to arrive at the innovative natural forms of their architecture.  

The volumes and surfaces that emerge from generative parametrics offer new experiences and perceptual spaces.  Architectural geometries become “bodies” that are sensitive to environmental, structural and functional variables.


The bioclimatic sensitivity of a project is increased through its awareness of the needs of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Through the integration of the environment, the use of ecologically sustainable materials, the use of active technologies such as photovoltaics, and the use of passive systems such as solar gain and natural ventilation, a project can reach new levels of efficiency when these strategies are combined to produce equally innovative morphologies.  Complexity, elegance and sustainability fuse together into a single design concept.


Studio Kami Architetti has been working for more than 20 years in concept design for foreign countries; In Russia we designed the multifunctional center of Ivanovo, presented at the MIPIM in Cannes in 2009; In addition, two spas in Moscow between 2010 and 2011, in collaboration with the architect Radtsig.

In Ghana, the studio participated, in collaboration with Giacomini studio, the realization of Baba Yara Sports stadium, Kumasi, Ghana 2008 and the new base Atlas Copco in Thema, Ghana 2013.

Currently the firm is engaged in the construction of an office building in Accra, which is in a completing phase.

Among other projects developed abroad  we can mention the genetic tower, Dubai 2008, The Pireus Tower, Athens 2012 and the restructuring of the caravanserai of Bam, Iran 2013.

In Italy, the studio has carried out many projects, including the permanent installation "parametric wave" at the Museum of the 21st Century Arts (MAXXI), the realization of new "smart offices" for Bridgestone Technical Centre Italia, the restyling of Academy of Egypt in Rome, the conversion of industrial spaces into offices.

Besides working with architecture, Studio Kami lately has stablished a close relationship with fashion. design installations for the fashion house Valentino consisting on the stage for the haute couture Valentino’s parade in 2015 made in Rome, Piazza Mignanelli. Last but not least the installation of Valentino’s stand for the Design District of Miami 2015.

Currently the studio is engaged in the making of a scenography display for Dior’s 70th anniversary event, to be held at the Hôtel des Invalides, Paris 2017 in collaboration with the artist Pietro Ruffo.

In 2014 the studio won the second prize at the Design District in Amsterdam with the design line Custometric Italian Generative Design.